Stole Fiorella

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Fur knitted stole of rex

Fur knitted stole of rex

Available in colours: Pink, burgundy, blue and black, mink and black

Available in one size

Stole for weddings

Stole for evening dresses

Stole for wedding guests

Tissue compositionRex
Width24 / 25 cm
Perimeter70 / 72 cm
Size Guide

Always store your garment inside a fabric cover and inside a wardrobe so that the fur can perspire.

If your garment has got wet, hang on a hanger and dry at room temperature.

Once dry, it is useful to comb the fur with a tooth comb, gently lifting the fur as you go.

Avoid using certain handbags regularly so that the strap doesn\’t damage the fur. You should also be careful when applying perfume and other chemical products as they may react with the natural skin of the garment.

If you want to clean the product then take it to a dry cleaners that specialises in fur and leather garments.


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Stole Fiorella

Stole Fiorella

Fur knitted stole of rex

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