Fur fox stole Akila

Fur fox stole Akila

The fur stoles are the ideal complement for a guest and bridal look, because in addition to the aesthetic beauty they give to the look, they are ideal for not being cold, since the thermal sensation they provide in the neck, chest and back is the right one for that day.

They do not cover the dress so you can wear it totally and at the same time you are warm.

The fox fur stoles from our collection, such as our Akila stole, Saga Furs quality, which can be worn over the guest dress and wedding dress, in four different positions, all this is thanks to a clamp that is incorporated into the stole lining:

1. The stole closed in front gives a more relaxed image to the look.

2. The stole can close at the neck at one end and the other loose on top of the dress. This position gives a stylized image.

3. The stole closed behind, gives a clean image and seems part of the design of the dress.

4. The stole open on top of the dress.

We show you the four possible positions of our Akila stole

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